Sal de Ibiza

Sal de Ibiza : un sel d'une blancheur éclatante

Sal de Ibiza, a salt of dazzling whiteness! For more than 2700 years, salinas from Ibiza (protected natural area) have been extracted from an exceptional salt previously consumed mainly by the local population. Daniel C. Witte, who grew up on the island convinced the salt workers to share this treasure to a greater number. The fleur de sel is 100% natural. Its harvest is done manually, so as not to undergo any alteration.

For a sea salt to be good and healthy, it only needs the sea from the sun and the wind. Real crystal of life! The fleur de sel is appreciated as a sea salt of high quality. Its white color draws slightly towards the pale pink. Its flavor is very subtle and aromatic. When the salt crystals melt in the mouth, it's like discovering the taste of salt for the first time.

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